Round Pen Cowboy Church



Pastors Toby and Paula Abbott Welcome you to Round Pen


Women of Clay Fellowship

Friday July 25th 6:30pm

Fiesta Dinner and a Movie

6:30pm - Dinner

7:00pm - Heaven is for real


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Open Arena

Monday's @ 7:00pm

Open to everyone



Round Pen Cowboy Church is a Non-Denominational Cowboy Church, that brings the Balance of Spirit and Truth to God's word. We believe in the whole word of God from beginning to end. Round Pen Cowboy Church believes in unity of the body of Christ. We are riding together for the good news of Jesus.


If you are looking for a Church


·  That emphasizes a Personal Relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and not a religion

·  With an exciting Children and Youth Ministries

·  Where the preaching is honest, easy to understand and challenging

·  Where evangelism is strong

·  Where people are genuine, friendly and caring

·  Where you can come as you are


Then Round Pen Cowboy Church is the right place for you


How We Worship

The Bible tells us in John 4:23-24 “The Father seeks those who will Worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.” Spirit means more than just a traditional form of worship. Rather it involves our whole heart. 


We Worship with our Mouth: With singing (Ps 47:6, Col 3:16); With shouting (Ps 47:1)


We Worship with our Body:  Standing (Ps 135:1-2); Bowing and Kneeling (Ps 95:6) Dancing (Ps 150:4, Ps 149:3); Clapping (Ps 47:1); Lifting of Hands (Ps 134:2, 1Tim 2:8)


We Worship with Musical Instruments: Our Praise and Worship Band plays a mixed balance of old hymns and contemporary worship songs (Ps 150 )


We Worship Him By Our Giving: In Scripture, giving was always an integral act of Worship. We do collect tithes and offerings every Sunday to support the Gospel of Jesus Christ.




What Is Cowboy Church



Our Service Times:

Life Class Sunday's at 9:30am

Worship Service Sunday's at 10:30am

Med-Week Service Wednesday's at 7:00pm

Youth Service Wednesday's at 7:00pm

Life Class Thursday's at 7:00pm



Where Families Come Together To Worship Jesus!




Come on in where the coffee is hot and the preaching is straight shootin'.





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