What is Cowboy Church?

The Foundation of Cowboy Church

As our nation grew, many of our ancestors worked as cowboys on untamed frontiers. Sometimes alone on a vast landscape, with only cattle for company, many of these Cowboys turned to God for companionship. A deep, personal relationship with Jesus Christ was most often the result of those lonely days and nights on the vast prairies of this new land. Worship was simple, straightforward, honest and deep abiding. As our ancestors traveled this new land they had church wherever they were at the time; whether on horseback, in the wagons or under the stars. This type of worship kept the family close together and closer to God.

When you walk into "Cowboy Church" you will be walking into an old west style setting. The preaching is honest and the message is simple. You'll always get a warm Howdy and a great big hug. There is an informal Come as you are, down to earth, love one other type atmosphere at Round Pen Cowboy Ministries. People are hungry for something real and Round Pen is breaking down the walls that have separated people from enjoying a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

You are welcome at Round Pen no matter where you come from, what your background is, or even what you re wearing. Pastors Toby and Paula Abbott saw a need in this community for a Western Heritage Church. "We keep it cowboy and simple here at Round Pen" said Pastor Toby. Our goal is to keep the Western Heritage alive and kickin . Our job and our Ministry is to keep the punch in punchy and to let people know that Cowboys are here to stay. Pastors Toby and Paula Abbott would like to invite you to ride along with them, as it will surely cinch up your faith on God s word.

We are a non-denominational spirit-filled Cowboy Church, that brings the balance of spirit and truth to God's word. We believe in the whole word of God, from beginning to end. We teach the fullness of God's word and bring balance to the body of Christ.

By Pastor Toby Abbott and Gene Abbott. Copyright 2004