Pastor Paula Abbott

Paula was born in El Paso, Texas, and raised in Lubbock, Texas, until the age of 17. Paula comes from a cattle ranching family. Brought up knowing the cowboy lifestyle, Paula knows the heart of the Western culture. She understands simple, honest, and the importance of your word. She was given up as a child, and adopted into a family where the father grew to resent her. Her adopted father was an atheist and very abusive. She was made to feel unwanted and unloved by her father. After leaving at the age of 16, Paula found herself in a downward spiral. She tried to take her life three times. Do to the rejection and abuse from her father she turned to drugs and alcohol to make the pain go away. This lasted for 13 years of her life. All this time, she was trying to fill the void in her life and make the pain stop.

Then one day on the outskirts of Amarillo, Texas, she found a "Cowboy Church." Paula didn't realize that this would change her life forever. Going into that Cowboy Church, she was not judged and looked down on; she was received with love and kindness, something that Paula had never felt before. In 1999, she married a cowboy from Amarillo. Pastor Toby Abbott helped her get back on the right track and begin a work for Jesus.

Paula now serves as an Evangelist/Pastor to people of all walks of life. She travels throughout the United States bringing a message of hope to the hurting. She has connected with many people about difficult subjects including drug and alcohol addiction, personal rejection, rape, suicide attempts, physical and emotional abuse, and the dangers of approval addiction. Paula is passionate about teaching the true Word of God and how the Holy Spirit is here to empower each of us, so that we can walk in the fullest of God 's call.