Pastors of Round Pen Cowboy Church - Pastors Toby and Paula Abbott Abbotts

Pastor Toby Abbott was raised in Amarillo, Texas. He received Jesus Christ and was baptized at the age of 9 years old. He served in the church much of his life and was called by God in 1993. He began to run from that call and he found himself in Dalhart, Texas serving on the broad to the XIT Rodeo and Reunion. When he was running from God, he found himself face down on the floor of an old cowboy shack. God called again and this time Toby answered that call. He surrendered his will over to God's will and Toby and his wife Paula started a small Cowboy Church in 2000 in Canyon, Texas. They quickly found themselves headed to South Texas to receive a calling that was sent by God. This call lead them to Terrell, Texas were they founded and now lead Round Pen Cowboy Ministries.

Pastors Toby and Paula Abbott have been in the Ministry since 2000. Both were raised in West Texas, and know the western culture and lifestyle. They founded Round Pen Cowboy Ministries in 2006. Round Pen Cowboy Church is a Non-Denominational Cowboy Church, that brings the Balance of Spirit and Truth to God's word. They believe in teaching the whole word of God from beginning to end. They also believe in unity of the body of Christ. They are riding together for the good news of Jesus. The preaching at Round Pen is honest, easy to understand and challenges your walk with God. They are very passionate about teaching the true Word of God. They challenge everyone to become a true follower and how important it is to have a Personal Relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and not just a religion. They teach about a real God, that is for real people that have real problems.

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