Pre-Teen Ministry at Round Pen Cowboy ChurchTeam Leaders

ROUND PEN Pre-Teens Ministry: Our Pre-Teens' Ministry is a fairly new ministry born out of the Children's Ministry. We are developing this group of children from 8 years of age up to 12 years of age, who are developing various skills and general knowledge of Christ to prepare them for moving up into our Youth Ministry. This particular group is currently part of the Broncs' class encompassing ages 8 and up. Once our new building is completed, we will meet as our own small group of pre-teens with just students ages 8-12. These kiddos meet on Sundays after church announcements and have various activities and community-service projects to develop their servitude and assist the teachers to help give back and lead within our church family. We have a special summer camp for pre-teens that we attend annually, and this group is in charge of running the annual Redneck Water Park, which they host to raise funds for camp.


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