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Liz PT

Liz Barham

Within our Children’s Ministry, we serve all kids under the age of 13; once students reach 13 years of age, they progress to our Youth Ministry. We have a Nursery that is open every Sunday for newborns up to age 3. Once students are 4, they move on to the Mutton Buster class with other kids until the age of 7. Our Broncs’ class is for our oldest kiddos from ages 8-12. We meet every Sunday and have our own church service in various classrooms. Once our new church building is built, we will have even more classrooms to further divide our students into smaller age groups.

 We have several wonderful teachers who volunteer their time to teach the various classes. We also have annual events that we put on for the children, including Easter egg hunts, summer camps, back-to-school parties, Christmas programs, and so much more.


Nursery – 0-24 months

Toddlers Class – 2-3 years

Pre-K – Kinder – 4-5 years

1st – 3rd Grades – 6-8 years

Pre-teen’s Class – 9 – 12 years

We don’t just entertain the children in children’s church, we teach them that God loves them and that they have a purpose in life.